1. Mr. Subhash Agrawal | Chairman & Managing Director | Age: 50 Years

Mr. Subhash Agrawal is the Chairman & Managing Director of our Company. He has been on the Board since incorporation of the Company. He is holding Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Malviya Regional Engineering College, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He is renowned personality having around 25 years of experience in the logistic business. He has worked on almost all levels of the organization which helps him understand and handle major functions of our Company. His varied experience helps us work united towards the same goals of the vision set by the management. Under his guidance our Company witnessed continued growth.

2. Mrs. Surekha Agarwal | Whole-Time Director | Age: 48 Years

Mrs. Surekha Agarwal is the Whole-Time Director of our Company. She has been on the Board since incorporation. She is holding degree in bachelor of Arts and having an about 10 years of experience in Administration. She looks after overall administration and co-ordination of the Company. Her dynamism helps us cope with the work pressures efficiently and effectively and in execution of all business activities of our Company. Also she is one of the Promoters of our Company.

3. Suneel Sayarmal Mohnot | Non Executive & Independent Director | Age: 58 years

Mr. Suneel Sayarmal Mohnot is an Indian national having 33 years of experience in all functional areas of an Organisation. He is a university gold medalist in MBA ,Jodhpur Management Programme and M.Com. from university of Udaipur. He Worked at Reliance Industries Ltd (Textile Division) between July 1996 to August 2013 where he set up Auto Textiles Business (2007 to 08/2013) - from scratch, besides handling commercial / purchase function for the division as a whole. He is extensively experienced (both internationally and nationally). He has proven expertise in driving efficiency and productivity through evaluation of financial management systems and implementation of process improvements. He was appointed as a Non Executive Independent Director of our Company w.e.f. from January 30, 2018.