Life @ GICL

If you have a passion for a challenge, constantly strive for improvement and eat sleep and breathe technology we are looking for you.

Dream Big & Deliver Strong - Dare to Dream and there are no Limits to what you can achieve. GICL offers a formal but open work environment - an environment where innovation and creativity are fostered; an environment that is result-oriented, fun at work, motivating and inspires team spirit; environment which provides unlimited opportunities for personal as well as professional growth. People at GICL experience a long career with fast track growth with high job satisfaction apart from achieving the peak of their competency.

Put simply, the most frequent words our people use to describe working at Globe are friendly, enjoyable and challenging. Not enough to convince you yet? Well, here are just some of the things we believe help contribute to this view:

1:  Collaboration

2:  Openness

3:  Taking responsibility

4:  Innovation and improvement

We expect our people to demonstrate these values in all areas of their work. Whilst there are other things that are important too, we aim for these values to be at the heart of everything we do. And we believe actions speak louder than words when it comes to demonstrating this.

We think we’re great people to work with, but then maybe we’re biased! What we are certain about though is that if you join us you’ll be surrounded by talented people with diverse backgrounds and skills, working together in a friendly and supportive way.